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Inter Ice Age 4 - Kōbō Abe

Dr. Katsumi tries to build an AI that can predict the future. The government tries to stop him, forcing him to test his project on  single person, who is then mysteriously murdered, revealing to Dr. Katsumi  a huge conspiracy connected to genetic engineering.  As he get closer to his objective, the government begins putting up obstacles to slow his progress.

The usual brilliance from Abe, perhaps the best science fiction/fantasist of his day.

Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr - Melody Newcomb, John Crowley

Gorgeous language, original fantasy, funny, wise, engrossing. A good place to start if you're unfortunate enough to have never read Crowley. Read this. Now.

Origin - Dan Brown

I'm not down on Dan Brown like a lot of other folks. He's fun and you can go to Eco or Chesterton if you want a more intellectual detective/conspiracy pursuit. He's just a breezy beach read, and all the more fun for it. Why not?

Spellcaster review

Spellcaster - George Bachman

For fans of fantasy, steampunk and historical novels, with lots of beautiful language and subtle descriptions of magic. An adventure in two time periods as a Victorian socialite and a medieval knight psychically linked to her battle evil in two very different forms.